Part of the Kreutzer Quartet Winter Series 2015 - 16

14th February . Talk at 5:30pm, Concert at 6pm . The Mahogany Bar will open from 3pm
12.50 Full Price 6 Concession (click buy tickets for details)

Sonatas for piano and violin from Mozart
plus a world premiere from David Lancaster. 

The Mozart Salons is an international project involving musicians, venues, and institutions worldwide to explore Mozart’s solo and concertante works. This is the second of two concerts in which Peter Sheppard Skӕrved will take us on a journey through the composer's sonatas through to his concertante works for violin/viola and piano. Peter will be joined by exceptional pianist, Daniel-Ben Pienaar, who made such a tremendous impact playing the cycle of Brahms Sonatas here a few years ago. 

To complement Mozart's works, Peter is joined by composer David Lancaster for the world premier of a collaboration  between the two -  the first stage towards a full concertante work for violin and ensemble, which will form an important element of The Mozart Project as it develops.


W A Mozart -
Sonata K.303 C Major
Sonata K.376 F Major
SonataK.306 D Major
Sonata K.481 E-flat Major 

David Lancaster -  Rough Cut (2015, World Premier)

Peter Sheppard Skӕrved  violin, Amati 1629
Daniel-Ben Pienaar (Piano)
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