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    James Graham's Sketching at Wilton's Music Hall Autumn 2018 

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    11Jun. 2019.

    The Sweet Science of Bruising on ERA 5050 Podcast

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    ERA 5050.Equal Representation for Actresses, for Audiences, for All. In the first episode there is a full interview with ERA 5050 founders Polly Kemp, Karin Paynter and Deirdre Mullins who explain in more detail how they created a grassroots campaign from the ground up, the reasons why they started it and what ERA 5050 are actively doing to find the solutions to shift gender disparity in the industry. And audience reactions from The Sweet Science of Bruising. 

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    Where we've come from

    The Wilton’s Music Hall archives hold a wealth of material relating to Wilton’s from the 1960s to the present day, including building plans, photographs, material relating to productions, programmes and posters.

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