At Wilton's we are proud to share our stage with a diverse group of talented artists of all ages and stages. Our Artistic Engagement programmes give the next generation of artists – both on-stage and off-stage – the opportunity to develop their creative practice.

Find out how you can get involved.

Plays Without Décor and Creative Residencies Autumn 2024.

Wilton's Music Hall is delighted to be reopening applications for our two research and development programmes: 
Plays Without Décor and Creative Residencies.

Plays Without Décor

Are you a young or emerging director with an exciting idea you’ve been wanting to develop? We understand how difficult and expensive it can be to get a new project past the planning stages so, as part of our Artistic Engagement programme, we’re offering a number of emerging directors the chance to use our studio free of charge for a week in order to workshop or develop a new idea. You might decide to use your time to produce a reading, workshop or semi-staged performance and invite industry professionals or sell tickets to the public. 

Plays Without Decor Info Sheet
Plays Without Decor Application Form

Creative Residencies

Our Research and Development Creative Residencies enable small-scale companies and mid-career practitioners to work on creating pieces they otherwise couldn’t afford to do. Wilton’s offers one week in our Studio space free of charge, and facilitates any required showcases you may wish to pursue.

Creative Residency Info Sheet
Creative Residency Application Form

Deadline for applications is Friday 2nd August 2024. 

Supported by:
  • Lottery Funded
  • Backstage Trust
  • a&a
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation
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