Tales of Absence, 'What ifs' and Salvation

3rd November to 25th November . 11am - 9pm Monday - Friday, 5pm - 9pm Saturdays .

Discover a different perspective on the history of Wilton’s in this new exhibition of works inspired by hidden gems from our archives.  

Featuring individual and collaborative artworks curated into themed story boxes, you are invited to consider the journey from inspiration to creation, and to examine the role of the archive and as a source of curiosity and creative possibility.  

As well as hints and clues to the history of the building and its environment, you'll also meet the many different people who have walked its floors and treaded the boards. Themes uncovered and reinterpreted by the Collective include: the women of Wilton’s; tea and Christianity; textiles and identity, and the handwritten sermon notes of the Reverend Tom Collins.  

The Storybox Collective is a London-based group of designers and illustrators exploring the potential of archival research through collaborative making. Its founder Clare Conway, design practitioner and Senior Lecturer at Kingston School of Art, established the Collective as an approach to revivify archives as a source of creative potential.

‘Archives are frequently seen as fusty repositories where you have to know what you’re looking for in order to find it. If you turn this on its head, and rummage through them with an open and inquisitive mind, who knows what you’ll discover ...’  

Artwork by Storybox Collective members:
Anna German
Clare Conway
Julia Buckley
Ilaria Antolini
Maisie Noble
Marta Cubeddu
Matt Hams
Paul Bush
Poppy Parry
Faan (Peeticha) Kongrit
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