Presented by Mark Bruce Company

28th February to 14th March . 7.30pm .
£18 - £28 full price, £15.50 - £25.50 concessions

Multi award-winning Mark Bruce Company bring their flair for vivid storytelling (Dracula, The Odyssey, Macbeth) to a new tale drawn from popular culture and ancient Egyptian myth. 
Bruce and his astonishing company of dancers pull you into a cinematic love story full of the rich and visceral imagery that has become their trademark. Presenting a hallucinatory nightmare of unleashed demons, sinister scientists and supernatural forces, two adventurers (Dane Hurst, Eleanor Duval) tumble into a waking dream of a land beyond time and death. Imagine the world of Indiana Jones as viewed through the lens of David Lynch, set to a soundtrack ranging from Penderecki to Lanegan.

Hypnotic, poignant and intricately choreographed, Return to Heaven is a beautiful horror, laced with the darkest of humour.

Written, Directed and Choreographed by Mark Bruce
Costume Design: Dorothée Brodrück
Lighting Design: Guy Hoare
Set Design: Phil Eddolls

Dancers: Eleanor Duval, Jordi Calpe-Serrats, Carina Howard, Dane Hurst, Sharol Mackenzie, Christopher Thomas

Age recommendation: 12+
Running time: approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes, including a 20 minute interval

Image © Nicole Guarino. Design: Filipe Alcada
Rehearsal photos by Mark Bruce and Jack Bruce

They like it

  • Dark, smart dance theatre

    ****. The Stage on Macbeth (2018)

  • Mark Bruce directs with complete confidence

    ***** Broadway World on Macbeth (2018)

  • Surreal epic with a Tarantino twist

    ****. Evening Standard on The Odyssey (2016)

  • I’d be surprised if I saw a more entertaining piece of dance theatre this year. Kill for a ticket

    ****. The Observer on Dracula (2013/2014)

  • It raises the bar of dance theatre very high

    ****. The Guardian on Dracula (2013/2014)

  • Each performer brings a unique and powerful dynamic to the stage

    ****. Broadway World

  • Thrilling, challenging and downright entertaining

    ***** Stage Talk Magazine

  • Inventive, stylish staging, atmospheric lighting, remarkable dancing

    Culture Whisper

  • Bruce’s choreography is even more dramatic in its impact and when it is matched to Belfonte’s songs becomes sheer delight, full of the joy of life

    British Theatre Guide

  • Guy Hoare’s electrical sleight of hand magics us from scene to scene with each flash of the footlights... The dancing by Eleanor Duval and Dane Hurst is superb

    ****. Financial Times

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